Summer in Toronto

Upon returning from my summer vacation I had three and a half weeks left of summer. Before I would return to endless readings, continuous assignments, and my daily shift from two to six. The life of a university student and part-time worker, great

Living in the suburbs there is literally nothing to do and being the city girl that I am, Toronto is the spot to be! I mean there is always stuff going on from markets to festivals along with random free concerts and free events. Toronto continuously amuses and never seems to disappoint when it comes to entertainment. Unfortunately, summer was coming to an end so  had all the cool events. Thus I missed out on a majority of them. This included events like Jazz Fest., Afro Fest., Caribanna, Taste of Danforth, and many more.

I managed to do the mandatory like going downtown (which I did a few times), Scarborough bluffs and CNE/The EX. I for one do not like spending hot days outdoors at amusement parks. It is torture to me so why put myself through it!? Exactly! Therefore, you will not catch me at Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park, unless the weather has gotten cooler.

My brother, cousins, and I make a trip every year to CNE/The EX just before the summer ends and it closes for the year. This year we decided to go to Scarborough Bluffs (escarpment of the eastern portion of the Toronto’s waterfront located at the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Also at the highest point of the shore, 300ft above the coastline) prior and take some basic pics on the cliffs.

Moving forward we made our way to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). Since they have a half price deal after 6:00 pm we took advantage and went in the evening. I know every student is guilty of saving money here and there! Plus it is cooler and less crowded with kids running around. So it is a win win situation. The annual fair had their food truck festival going on and we managed to get a grub on some fatty, fried, junk food! The disadvantage to the CNE is it is a fair therefore unlike an amusement park where you simply pay an entrance fee, you have to pay for every damn ride and game in addition to the entrance fee. If you are an adrenaline junkie then these rides are not for you! They are more children friendly and 1 out of 5 is thrilling, but still nothing too exciting. At this point is where I get tempted to pay a visit to Canada’s Wonderland for the real rides! Don’t be fooled, I am scared shxt less but love the thrill!

In between catching up with family and friends I spent time around the city with various people. One week prior to school starting I went downtown one last time with my best friend as she was getting ready to leave Canada for her year abroad, in Spain. I could not believe she was actually leaving me! I was so excited for her as she was achieving her goals and accomplishing her dreams but a little part of me did not want her to go, how selfish right? Nonetheless, more than anything I wanted her to go and do big things. Have a positive impact on someone else’s life; be it a child she teaches or an adult she lives with, gain professional career experience, grow professionally – nothing but the best! What is FaceTime, and WhatsApp for anyways? It was just sad to have her leave for almost a year after I was away for so long. We had so much to do in so little time! So we did what we do best, be random and adventurous. We basically walked around the downtown area of Toronto did some shopping, took pictures, and ate out. It was nothing major, but fun. With how hectic our summers were we just needed a chill day in the city, nothing fancy or extravagant and it was good enough!

Time away, Europe, Africa, quality time with loved ones, random dates, weekend gateways, days at the beach, road trips, food missions past midnight, it all came to an end! What an amazing summer indeed, Alhamdulillah! Can’t wait for what summer 2016 has in store! Unfortunately some summer school but possibly a visit to Europe again or the Middle East, I guess I won’t truly know till then!

Peace and Love,



“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

-Jawaharlal Nehru



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