An Evening in the City

Bright lights,busy streets, crazy traffic, congested sidewalks, and street entertainment all with the winter breeze, hello to winter in Toronto. Although it hasn’t felt much like it with the lack of snow and continuous warm weather, the spirit is there and alive. Winter in the city is so majestic and festive with the Christmas decor and beautiful lights. Definitely a great time to explore.

My cousins and I spent the evening in the city with a few errands to run at Eaton Centre then a quick stop at Nathan Philips to take some pics and head back home. Unfortunately, we did not get to do what we intended but rather the opposite, SHOP. I mean there is really no way you can go into a mall as grand as Eaton Center during the semi-annual sales and resist your self from making a purchase. We honestly did not even go into any stores but ZARAdefinitely my weakness – I LOVE me some ZARA. Long story short and a couple $$$ hundreds later we got some good deals while spending a bit of time downtown.

I am legit one of those loser’s that constantly looks like a tourist at home. No shame in my game! Hey I appreciate the architectural buildings and aesthetics of the city, which I don’t regularly see in the suburban area I live in. So if I look like a fool while on an “adventure” capturing some great random shots, so be it!


Nathan Philips Square

Yay to Sales

Eaton Centre Mall

Nathan Philip’s Square and City Hall
Nathan Philip’s Square
Old City Hall, Toronto


Look at the cute old couple! 😀 – Streets of Toronto


Streets of Toronto


Peace and Love,



“Life is an adventure. If you treat it as such you’ll enjoy its happiness.”

– Manny Segarra


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