Views of my World #2 Canada – Toronto

As a wanderlust I love exploring and going on random adventures. The desire and experience to travel is embedded in me. Whether it is going to well known places or finding hidden gems, either at home or in another country the thrill remains the same. Call me a “tourists at home!” 

Thus the formation of my new blog series Views of My World, which will include images and short content of the world around me through my lens.


Scarborough Centre RT Track

The rapid transit(RT) is an elevated bridge which runs from Scarborough Town Center, Toronto to east of the city for a few stops, where it later descends.

Nathan Phillips Square

At the intersection of Queen and Bay Street known for its central location in the downtown area of Toronto. The square is known to host concerts, and various events throughout the year. It is also linked with the Toronto City Hall.

Nathan Philips Square & Toronto City Hall

The current Toronto City Hall is placed with Nathan Philips square. It is the fourth city hall built, due to space shortage and also the former location of Toronto’s Chinatown.


Old City Hall

The Old City Hall of Toronto was closed in 1966 and remains as a prominent structure of the city. It holds a heritage landmark with a clock tower.

Nathan Phillips Square elevated walkway
Eaton Center Mall

The Eaton Center Mall is Toronto’s top tourist location with 5 floors, 2 underground and 3 above. It is a mall and office space with a wide range of luxurious stores to shop at plus a few restaurants to dine in.

Queen Street
306 Jordan Pop up Store
Yonge & Dundas Square
Ryerson Student Learning Centre
Royal Ontario Museum

ROM is Toronto’s museum of art, world culture, and national history located close to Queen’s park and University of Toronto campus.

Royal Ontario Museum
Philosophers Walk

A beautiful scenic foot path at the University of Toronto, St.George campus – a former natural waterway. It connects between the campus buildings along with various buildings as it is known for being in an academic neighborhood.

Philosophers Walk
Philosophers Walk


Robarts Library

University of Toronto, St.George campus Robarts Library is one of the biggest in the city. It links with neighboring library, Thomas Fisher Rare book library which holds publicly accessible rare books and manuscripts. It’s extraordinarily unique architecture is of brutalist and futurist style, it holds millions of books (4.5 to be exact), stands at 330 ft high, with 14 floors and 2 underground stories. Definitely a must visit if you appreciate architecture and enjoy learning.

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library





Peace and Love,



“I wish more people felt that photography was an adventure the same as life itself and felt that their individual feelings were worth expressing. To me, that makes photography more exciting.”

– Harry Callahan


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