Ramadan Reflection Week #2

Subhan Allah (Glory be to God), wow another week of Ramadan has flown by, it seems in the blink of an eye. The days seems long while fasting, but they definitely go by quickly with prayer, and worship. A time of spirituality, peace and tranquility, Alhamdulilah (Praise be to God).

Ramadan Day #8

We often forget that God is our number one provider and there is no single individual who can give us what we are looking for more than he can. As humans we automatically seek guidance from our loved ones before turning to Allah. Which is okay but we have to remember that ultimately he is the only one that can provide, guide, and protect us. So put your faith and trust in him 💕

“Do not depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness”
– Ibn Taymiyyah
#Ramadan #DailyReminders

Ramadan Day #9
SubhanAllah we live our days as if we have years ahead and forget that nothing in this world is promised. We might leave today, tomorrow, or in a few years. Everyday should be treated as if it would be our last.

May Allah forgive us, have mercy on us, protect us and guide us towards the straight path, Ameen

#Ramadan #DailyReminders

Ramadan Day #10
Iman is to have faith in God, His revealed books, His messengers, the last day, and the predestination of all things both (those which appear) good and (those which appear) bad are caused by him.

“Iman is like an airplane ride. The higher up you go, the smaller the things on earth look.” – Unknown
#Ramadan #DailyReminders

Ramadan Day #11
Do your best, never give up and Allah will do the rest.

وَاِنۡ جَنَحُوۡا لِلسَّلۡمِ فَاجۡنَحۡ لَهَا وَتَوَكَّلۡ عَلَى اللّٰهِؕ اِنَّهٗ هُوَ السَّمِيۡعُ الۡعَلِيۡمُ‏ “And if they incline in peace, then incline to it and trust in Allah; surely He is the Hearing, the Knowing.”
– Qur’an • Surah Al-Anfal (8:61)

Ramadan Day #12
“When you have friends, don’t expect your friends to fill your emptiness. When you get married, don’t expect your spouse to fulfill your every need. When you’re an activist, don’t put your hope in the results. When you’re in trouble don’t depend on yourself. Don’t depend on people. Depend on Allah.”
-Yasmin Mogahed

Love and appreciate those around you but at the end of the day remember that he is the only one you should be dependent on!
#Ramadan #DailyReminders#JummahMubarak

Ramadan Day #13

“Know this. Allah is the Turner of hearts, He can heal your heart. And He can heal it quickly. Ask Him. Tawakkul is letting go completely of something you love, but having firm faith that He will replace it with something better. “

-Yasmin Mogahed
#DailyReminders #Ramadan

Ramadan Day #14
How to purify the heart:

Shaikh Ibn Baaz
رحمه الله said:

“Whoever takes care of his time by doing Dhikr (remembrance) of Allaah, reciting the Qur’aan, accompanying the good people, and distancing himself from the ignorant and bad company will purify and soften his heart.”

[Majmoo` Fataawa of Shaikh Ibn Baaz (5/244)]
#Ramadan #DailyReminders #AlhamdulilahForMyPeople 


Peace and Love,



“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.”

– Julius Erving

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