Skin Care Routine

I would not consider my self a crazy skin care person but over the past few months I have gotten better at taking care of it. With that my skin care collection has slowly grown. I am all for clear glowing skin but not into doing the extra measures to achieve it. However, I have grown accustom to a daily routine which has helped me maintain clear skin.

I use to be one of those girls too lazy to take off her make up before sleeping (if you are one of them change your ways now honey boo boo) it’s the worst thing you can do for your skin. Unless you love wrinkles, and break outs wipe it offAdditionally, cleanse your skin daily with a brush (electronic or not), it helps clear off build up, residue, and maintain clean skin. The brushes can be easily cleaned with a drop of any shampoo and water to wash off.

I usually buy the twin pack of 120 for $8 from Wal-Mart as I get a greater quantity at a cheaper rate! Cheap and best 🙂

I alternate between the two. The longer one comes with two brush heads, one for body other for face. Both brushes purchased from Marshalls for under $20 each

I have combination skin, dry and oily. I find this typically depends on the season and my diet. Actually, my skin has always been normal to dry and just recently became oily. I noticed this due to my busy lifestyle and poor eating choices. The cleaner I eat, the more I stay hydrated (drink 1 to 2 litres of water a day for best results) and the more active I am the better my skin is. 

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I am all for spending money for the right things, skin care is one of those. Don’t get me wrong drug store products are just as good and cost much less but when using products for my face I rather put in more to get more. Who’s really trying to break the bank on a student budget though? Not I! So I have found it helps buying one expensive item such as a cleanser and alternate between that and the drug store. Now this is okay with my skin however it might not work for everyone, it’s worth a try! 

I recently invested yes $100 on skin care products is an investment, on a Clinique skin care package. Honestly, I believe it’s worth it. You use one to two pea sizes of each item a day making it last you at least a year or two. This makes it worth your money. The toner by itself is $84 let alone the cleanser, the gel cream, plus the mini travel size products, are worth $40.

Additional, sun protection is essentially important! If you are one of those folks that believes coloured people do not need sunscreen, you are mistaken my friend! Sunscreen helps coloured skin prevent hyper-pigmentation (discolouration) and dark spots. Yes, every skin type is different but try your best to take this extra daily step throughout the year in order to protect it from harmful UV radiation which can lead to cancer.

Daily I use the following:

  1. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula
  2. Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
  3. Clinque Clarifying Lotion  Combination Oily 
    • sometimes I use the Simple soothing toner as an alternative


  1. Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
  2. St.Ives Apricot Scrub
  3. Aztec Indian Healing Clay mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar

Currently in search of a good scrub that clears discolouration and helps clear black heads. So if you have any suggestions please share! 😁


  1. Biore 4 in 1 Revitalizing Cleanser  Deep Cleansing 
  2. First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser 
  3. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 
  4. Bio Oil to clear bug bite marks

Sun protection


  1. Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Cream Spf 50
  2. Aveeno Face & Body Sunscreen Spf 30


  1. Lemon honey sugar scrub 🍋🍯
  2. Elmers non toxic glue with charcoal pills  

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