Hello all,

My name is Widaad and I am a creative individual full of passion for art, decor and design, especially home decor and architecture. As far as I could remember, from as young as eight I consistently showed interest and appreciation for home design as my parents purchased different homes and went through the decoration and design process. From colour, pattern, and texture choices, to the variety of styles I frequently had an input along with suggestions. The way you can simply transform a space through art and furniture is invariably intriguing to me. Moreover, I was and still am inspired by the transformation of different spaces indoor or outdoor, displayed by the shows on HGTV and TLC. As a kid, I loved watching anything home design, decor and architecture related on weekend mornings rather than cartoons like a normal kid .

Again and again I dreamt of being a business owner in the line of art and design but was continuously stuck on what to do and where to start. While on my maternity leave, I felt driven by my love for painting and my sudden need to fuel my creativity, which led me to furniture restoration. This motivated me to achieve my goal of starting up my own small business.

I am often inspired by the world around me and the art plus science within in it. I love creating adored items by taking something old and making it something new. Adored + Restored is about me presenting my craft through home decor and furniture by, bringing old furniture to life, one piece at a time.


Vision is the ART of seeing the invisible.

Jonathan Swift

“The details are NOT the details. They MAKE the design!”

Charles Eames

“Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day.”

George Allen SR

Let’s create something together.