Views of My World #3 England – London

Unfortunately, I did not take as much pictures in England as I would have liked! Since I was going back and forth I did not always have my camera with me (which I deeply regret ūüėĒ)  I managed to get a few shots of the main tourist attractions I saw and visited. Since I wasContinue reading “Views of My World #3 England – London”

An Evening of Coexistence & Culture

Having Omani and Kenyan genes, it is a deep rooted part of my culture with so much history and heritage through culture and religion. On February 20th, 2016 my family and I were invited to an exclusive exhibition event sponsored by The Government of Oman titled Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence:¬† Oman‚Äôs Message of Islam at¬†the AgaContinue reading “An Evening of Coexistence & Culture”

An Afternoon At The Museum

As my reading week began I did not want to let it pass like all the others without doing anything but “chilling” at home. So I took the day off of work and headed west to the city, for an afternoon dedicated to knowledge, history, and culture. With my cousin we paid a visit toContinue reading “An Afternoon At The Museum”

Views of my World #2 Canada – Toronto

As a wanderlust I love exploring and going on random adventures. The desire and experience to travel is embedded in me. Whether it is going to well known places or finding hidden gems, either at home or in another country the thrill remains the same. Call me a “tourists at home!”¬† Thus the formation ofContinue reading “Views of my World #2 Canada – Toronto”

Cinnamon Buttercream Recipe

I made a cake for a cinnamon/chocolate lover! It was time for me to experiment and finally branch out from my typical vanilla buttercream. So I searched Pinterest for a Cinnamon Buttercream recipe and made half of the amount because it was for a small cake. Ingredients 1/4 cup salted butter 1 1/2 tbsp heavyContinue reading “Cinnamon Buttercream Recipe”

My Hijab Story

As-Salam Alaikum – Peace be unto you In celebration of #WorldHijabDay ¬†I thought I would share with y’all my hijab story. What¬†does the hijab mean in Islam? Do women in Islam have to wear it?¬†My transition to how I started¬†to wear it.¬†The struggles and challenges of wearing it in the west. I am simply sharingContinue reading “My Hijab Story”

An Evening in the City

Bright lights,busy streets, crazy traffic, congested sidewalks, and street entertainment all with the winter breeze, hello¬†to winter in Toronto. Although it hasn’t felt much like it with the lack of snow and continuous warm weather, the spirit is there and alive. Winter in the city is so majestic and festive with the Christmas decor andContinue reading “An Evening in the City”

Top 10 Products of 2015

¬†Hello and Happy New Year everyone! I hope¬†this year brings endless happiness, opportunities and blessings for us all! As I enjoyed my break ¬†I spent time with family and friends but¬†I am ready to get back to school and work. Lately, I have been stuck on what to post sooo I thought why not share¬†myContinue reading “Top 10 Products of 2015”