Views of My World #1 – Kenya

Get an exotic taste of Kenya as I visually give you a tour from the east coast of Mombasa to the north east coast of Malindi. Along the shores of the Indian Ocean and everywhere in between. Plus, some random facts and mini history lessons to help you understand the islands and towns of Kenya aContinue reading “Views of My World #1 – Kenya”

Decorating A Rose Floral Cake

Hello y’all! As I baked and decorated two cakes this week I thought I would take you guys through the process . Unfortunately I was in a rush and did not take as many pictures as I would have liked to thoroughly share the steps into creating a beautiful flower cake. Lately I have beenContinue reading “Decorating A Rose Floral Cake”

Summer in Toronto

Upon returning from my summer vacation I had three and a half weeks left of summer. Before I would return to endless readings, continuous assignments, and my daily shift from two to six. The life of a university student and part-time worker, great!  Living in the suburbs there is literally nothing to do and beingContinue reading “Summer in Toronto”

Travel Tips

1. Organization This is always key to anything in life. Start off using a note book, folder, binder etc to keep all your papers and important information together. Make sure you are aware of the correct timings, terminals, and so on. Stay on top of them throughout your journey and mark down anything new inContinue reading “Travel Tips”

Travelling on a Budget

Lets be honest travelling is expensive with various expenses like ticket costs, accommodation, food, shopping etc. you need some good cash $ Now as I have said before and I’ll say it again before someone tries to jump my band wagon I am no expert. I am merely speaking based on my personal experience inContinue reading “Travelling on a Budget”

D.I.Y Travel Memory Frame

I saved all my tickets, brochures, maps, extra money, bus passes, train and plane tickets and other small things from my travels knowing that I wanted to do something artsy, I just was not sure what. Sure enough after searching through Pinterest I found the idea to display  them in a frame! I loved it!Continue reading “D.I.Y Travel Memory Frame”