What is your inspiration for your pieces?

The furniture piece itself is my vision. I see it and a new piece immediately comes to mind starting with the colour then hardware. Additionally, home decor and art pieces around me tend to give me more inspiration.

Do you do custom pieces?

This is something I get asked often and unfortunately the answer is no. I have in the past but found it extremely difficult as I constantly worried about failing my customers. When I see a piece a vision almost instantly comes to mind, which I want to fulfill. Whereas, envisioning someone else’s view can be hard, and living up to it, even harder. Therefore, I strictly create what I envision.

Can you paint a piece in another colour?

Not likely. Whats done is done!

What products do you use?

Check out My Favourite Products to find out.

Do you just do antiques?

I work with almost any type of furniture item, modern, vintage or antique. However, I gravitated towards solid wood such as Oak, Pine, Birch and steer away from MDF, plywood, plus any material that lacks quality. These are not easy to salvage nor do they ensure longevity.

What are your methods of payment?

Methods of payment include Cash, E-Transfer or PayPal upon delivery.

Can I keep a piece on hold?

Should you wish to purchase a piece but need to make arrangements for pick-up, delivery, storage etc. we totally understand and can hold your desired piece for a maximum of 14 days. As such 50% deposit is required within 24 hours.

Do you offer delivery?

I do offer contact less porch/curbside delivery. However, this is strictly for my smaller to medium sized pieces. Contact me for details on charges as this is dependent on location.

How should I pick up my piece?

Pick up will be made through contact less porch pick up. Please come with a clear vehicle along with extra padding such as old blankets or towels to protect your piece from any friction or damage. Straps to support larger items are essential especially in an open, larger vehicle.

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