Furniture Care

My Furniture pieces are upcycled and hand painted with great care and attention to detail providing pleasure for years to come. I try my best to use high quality products to ensure longevity. This however, does not guarantee flawlessness and can endure wear and tear but can be avoided if cared for correctly. Please consider the following measures.

For best results only clean when needed. A soft lint-free cloth is your best friend when dusting your piece. Avoid harsh chemical cleaning products or furniture polish. I highly recommend using coasters for your cups along with table clothes for hot dishes to steer clear from unwanted stains, moisture and marks. Should there be a spill, clean up with a dry cloth immediately.

When positioning your piece try placing it away from direct sunlight as this can cause discolouration especially if by a window. Plus, avoid exposure to heat, such as radiators, vents etc. as this can cause cracking (50 cm away is suggested). As you move your piece around make sure to lift it as opposed to dragging which can cause the joints to loosen. The use of felt pads at the bottom of a piece is highly recommended to avoid damage to your floors.

Should you encounter minor marks, use the paint included in your touch up kit can lightly be applied with a sponge brush or regular brush with two to three coats. Please allow one to two hours in between each coat.

Shall you come across additional damage, please contact me for further assistance.

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