An Afternoon At The Museum

As my reading week began I did not want to let it pass like all the others without doing anything but “chilling” at home. So I took the day off of work and headed west to the city, for an afternoon dedicated to knowledge, history, and culture. With my cousin we paid a visit toContinue reading “An Afternoon At The Museum”

Views of my World #2 Canada – Toronto

As a wanderlust I love exploring and going on random adventures. The desire and experience to travel is embedded in me. Whether it is going to well known places or finding hidden gems, either at home or in another country the thrill remains the same. Call me a “tourists at home!”  Thus the formation ofContinue reading “Views of my World #2 Canada – Toronto”

An Evening in the City

Bright lights,busy streets, crazy traffic, congested sidewalks, and street entertainment all with the winter breeze, hello to winter in Toronto. Although it hasn’t felt much like it with the lack of snow and continuous warm weather, the spirit is there and alive. Winter in the city is so majestic and festive with the Christmas decor andContinue reading “An Evening in the City”

Summer in Toronto

Upon returning from my summer vacation I had three and a half weeks left of summer. Before I would return to endless readings, continuous assignments, and my daily shift from two to six. The life of a university student and part-time worker, great!  Living in the suburbs there is literally nothing to do and beingContinue reading “Summer in Toronto”